The result of the seven-phase Lok Sabha election that concluded on May 19 will be declared today – the day votes are counted. Exit polls suggest that Narendra Modi is likely to get a second term as Prime Minister, predicting that the BJP-led NDA will safely cross the 300-seat mark, a comfortable majority. The exit polls also predict that the Congress-led UPA will get little over 110 seats. While exit polls broadly show the trend in which citizens have voted, their accuracy is not always certain. Counting of votes began at 8am IST today and the result is expected to be known by the evening. The Lok Sabha election is held every five years to elect members of parliament to represent the 543 constituencies covering the entire nation. This time however, counting of votes will take place for 542 constituencies because elections in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore had been cancelled by the election commission due to large amounts of cash being seized during a raid. To reach a majority mark in parliament, a political party or alliance must win more than half the overall seats (543) in the Lok Sabha – which is 272.

The recently concluded Lok Sabha election 2019 was the world’s largest democratic polling exercise in which more than 900 million of the total 1.3 billion citizens were eligible to vote.

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5) Election Commission of India website and app – The official website of the Election Commission will also give the Lok Sabha election result. Once the result is declared, the election body also releases a detailed statistical report of the elections. Click here to go the website. Click here to get the mobile app on Android.

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